Fucoidan Provides Protective Effects Against Diabetes mellitus



Diabetes mellitus is an endocrine and metabolic system disease characterized by hyperglycemia (high blood glucose) and insulin resistance. Diabetes has become a widespread disease worldwide.[1] The most common health issues related to diabetes are heart, sight, kidney, digestive, feet, and nerve problems.[2]People with diabetes also need to keep their blood sugar levels under control, and they need to provide their bodies with the proper ingredients to support the body’s essential functions. Fucoidan is an extract obtained from brown seaweeds. It has an excellent hypoglycemic effect and excellent development potential in treating diabetes based on its impact on insulin stimulation and support to the pancreas and other organs.[3]

A study on fucoidan and “diabetic disease”


Fucoidan, an extract acquired from several brown seaweeds, which include Mozuku (C. okamuranus), Mekabu (U. pinnatifida), and Fucus (F. vesiculosus), has been widely investigated for its antioxidant effects, and for the ability to prevent diabetes.[4]However, not many people are well-aware of the great benefits of Fucoidan. Some studies have shown that Fucoidan may help against diabetic nephropathy (DN). [5] Diabetic nephropathy (DN) is one of the most severe microvascular complications of diabetes and the leading cause of end-stage renal failure.[6] Most importantly, Fucoidan has been shown to significantly increase insulin levels, improve glucose tolerance, and delay the onset of diabetes mellitus.[7]

Fucoidan suppressing blood sugar level


Fucoidan is an indigestible dietary fiber and a prebiotic that supports digestion by absorbing water and pushing food alongside the digestive tract, making bowel movements easier. Therefore, glucose is slowly being absorbed by the body, which is perfect for people with diabetes. Blood sugar levels go up right after a meal, but when people take fucoidan, it helps them prevent a sudden rise in their blood sugar levels. Besides, when the blood sugar level rises, insulin secretion is higher, but when fucoidan is consumed, it aids the body in using insulin effectively. This is the mechanism of fucoidan to help control blood sugar levels.

Fucoidan helps patients with type 1 diabetes


Additionally, hyperglycemia (high blood glucose) is thought to cause dysfunction of the immune system in diabetic patients.[8] Therefore, these patients are susceptible to infections.[9] Fucoidan may support the immune system, prevent infections, and act as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent while at the same time reducing diabetes itself. As for type I diabetes, the body’s immune system fights off foreign invaders, like viruses or bacteria. Type I diabetes occurs when the immune system destroys the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas called beta cells. Fucoidan can help type I diabetic people because it will help boost their immunity, mainly white blood cells, and help balance their body’s defenses.

Some of the leading health benefits that Fucoidan provides to people with diabetes are:

• Supports the immune system (white blood cells)
• Enhances insulin production
• Supports digestion
• Supports overall health

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic metabolic disease that is marked by high levels of glucose in the blood and a weakened immune system, and it can cause prolonged and devasting problems in other parts of the body. The best way to stay protected is by controlling their blood sugar levels and maintaining them well within limits. This will not only allow them to feel better, but it will allow the immune system to work faster.

By consuming ingredients like Fucoidan, people with diabetes can provide the body with a natural alternative to stay and accelerate their overall health. By doing so, they can prevent problems down the road.


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